Inari Piotr Ciechociński

Inari Piotr Ciechociński

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Railway model building is my passion.

All the railway bridge models once available in the market did not meet my own requirements in respect of representing the original. Also, with the materials available, it was impossible to build beautiful and sometimes unique plate girder bridge or truss bridge constructions. So I decided to study design for a few years and I kept visiting the existing archives. I met the bridge designers, the builders, the restorers and the appraisers. It all helped me to build more and more models, simple or complex beautiful designs, reconstructed only on the basis of some archival images.

Some bridges disappear under our very eyes. Others already are the history, with some residual documentation for all that is left of them. They all inspire us to save their beauty in a scale model.


There are various bridges on offer. They vary in the scale and in the level of the representation precision. To make navigation easier, every scale makes its own separate group and each model has its proper name and individual marking.

Bridge models and dioramas built to individual order.

Other constructions are built beside design and modelling works. They are my own designs and realisations, e.g. such as "the Golden Rail" or "the Czosnowska Column".

RSome materials are often left over after a model build has been completed. These are usually the non-standard materials sought after among the model builders.

Training Courses

Psychology and sales techniques

Psychology and sales techniques
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Laboratory design and consulting

Laboratory design and consulting

Working in a laboratory often means spending there more than eight hours a day. Therefore, it should be a safe...


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Tel: (+48) 519183134
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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